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Congratulations on your forthcoming marriage.

Everything is coming together and you are thinking about your table plan and finishing touches for your reception venue - AND – oh dear what can I do, this venue needs that ‘something'! - You think, I like the room but there is nothing in here to match my colour scheme! - you think, “this room is so barren what can we do”? You say, well the answer is; if you are looking for something beautiful, wonderful, elegant and exciting consider balloons.

An empty or barren or impersonal space can be so easily transformed - fill with colour and atmosphere by using balloons for arches, swags, table décor, and sculptures, the choices are endless.

Balloon decorating, also known as Classic Balloon Décor, adds the finishing touch to all events and sets the scene for weddings, celebratory, formal, themed and promotional functions to name just a few. With specialised planning and attention to detail Classic Balloon Décor creates the desired ambience.

Balloons come in so many beautiful colours, sizes and styles. The choices are fantastic. From pearl balloons to diamond clear balloons you can feel romance and create sophisticated elegance.

Your Classic Balloon Décor can be designed so that may be moved from your wedding breakfast area to your evening entertainment area (if they are different) and this way you have your décor throughout your celebration.

The Wedding Day is the most important day in the life of the Bride (and of course the Groom) and it is so important that everything runs smoothly and all those well-set plans become reality.

The first step for the happy couple is to choose their Classic Balloon Decorator.

There are two professional trade organisations whose members have proven professionalism and dedication to the balloon industry. People who belong to these two organisations must reach a proven high standard of workmanship before being accepted.

The organisations are:- National Association of Balloon Artists and Suppliers, where to be a FULL member you must produce a portfolio of your own work that should reach a high standard of workmanship and understanding of elements of Classic Décor the balloon products, gases and the equipment.

Qualatex Balloon Network where a company manager/owner must successfully complete a test paper, a declaration of professionalism must be signed to be accepted. After this has been completed it is then up to the individual or a member of that company if they wish to further their professionalism to Certified Balloon Artist (CBA) status which then involves exam papers and a practical exam (7 stages in total). This CBA status assures the client that the person they are dealing with is a fully dedicated professional in all aspects of Classic Balloon Décor and business ethics.

Having now chosen the Professional Balloon Artist the next step is to sit down with them at the desired meeting place (the chosen venue is a good idea) and together discuss your requirements. If the Balloon Artist has a web site this will always give you ideas so have a look at that before your meeting and they will also have a good portfolio of their own work, which they can show you. Ask if they have photographs of your venue so you can see the transformation. Ask to see colour samples of the balloons so that you can match them with your chosen colour scheme and if you have a rough table plan that is also useful for planning. The Balloon Artist is there to work with you, offering advice and helping you to realise your dream décor within your budget and helping you to enjoy planning the décor for your dream-wedding day.

Once you are happy with your décor arrangements you then leave everything to the Balloon Professional who will organise the working programme and liaise with the venue if necessary. If you have chosen to have floating balloons, this décor will be created and put in place on the day of your wedding.
All you have to do is turn up as ‘Mr and Mrs' to your beautifully decorated reception room.


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Classic Balloon Décor is becoming a more and more popular choice with brides and grooms to be.


Marriot Highcliff Hotel.


Royal British Legion Hall.


The Royal Bath Hotel.


Lyndhurst Park Hotel.


Rhinefield House Hotel.


Chickerell Village Hall.


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Here are some samples of Balloon Work that has been produced by Balloon Arcade over the years.


Entrance to Garden Party
by Balloon Arcade


The Marsham Court Hotel.


Langtry Manor Hotel.


East Cliff Court Hotel.


East Close Hotel, Hinton,
Nr Christchurch.


Balloon Shape
3' Spiral Heart

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